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How the World Works - Understanding Ourselves, Our World and What's Possible - On Zoom

with John Cerullo


Tuesdays, May 4 - June 22

7:30pm - 8:30pm

Why are we in our current situation? Where are we going? Do our lives have any meaning? How should we make use of our lives?


How Life Works, Understanding Ourselves, Our World, and What’s Possible is an eight-part series of teachings and meditation practices that bring the Buddha’s wisdom and insight into focus on these questions and many more. Specifically, exploring his Four Noble Truths applied to his Wheel of Life cosmology, which depicts an inner psychological cosmology. It is much like a map of the world or the periodic table of chemical elements, but it is a map of our internal process and its external effects.


It vividly describes how we become trapped in a counterproductive maelstrom of suffering and how this process can be reversed.


By illuminating the causes behind our situation of limitation and pain, the How Life Works series reveals how, through practicing antidotes to these causes, we can overcome the painful and limiting situations that are their effects. It shows the altruistic purpose that can make life meaningful. The unsettling description of the steps of entrapment (depicted in the Wheel) is a call to action, for it shows how the prison of selfishness can be turned into a source of help and happiness for both oneself and others.

About John Cerullo


John has studied and practiced Buddhism for 40 years, including Zen Buddhism with Philip Kapleau and Tibetan Buddhism with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, His Holiness the Sakya Trizin, and currently with Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Jampa and Geshe Lobsang Dhargey at DNKL, Tibetan Center for Universal Peace (see Additionally, he holds certification in the Asian Classics Institute’s 18 Foundation Courses series which is a seven-year formal study program, that parallels the same core information taught at Tibetan Buddhist monasteries.

John is also a publisher and editor for over 40 years, publishing books on performing arts, Buddhism, and Yoga.


Cost: $120 for 8 Week Series or $20 Drop-in/Class

Tween Yoga (Ages 9-12) - In-Studio

with Helen Hill


Tuesdays June 1 - 22

4:30pm - 5:30pm

Yoga empowers us with bodies that are strong and flexible, hearts that are compassionate, and minds that are bright and peaceful - what a gift, to be given these tools as a child....

Tween Yogis/Yoginis will enjoy a variety of poses presented traditionally and through stories, music and games. The connection between movement and breath as well as age-appropriate breathwork will be introduced as a means to empower students with the ability to focus and find calm. All while fostering a healthy self-image, this workshop will help your tween(s) develop strength, flexibility, and a life-long love for yoga!!

Pre-registration required - space limited to 6 participants.

Cost: $60 for 4wk series

or $20 drop-in/class (as space allows-contact studio)