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January 1 - February 9


Together, let's begin the New Year with the intention of dedication and transformation!

In texts and traditions from all over the world, 40 days represents a complete cycle.

It is believed that with compassionate dedication over this length of time, we can create transformation.

With this in mind, join us for a 40 Day exploration of one or all of the following:

Asana (pose):

Level 1 - Natarajasana (Dancer Pose - one hand on ankle, other arm skyward)
Level 2 - Natarajasana Variation (both hands interlaced behind back on ankle)
Level 3 - Natarajasana Variation (both arms overhead & hands to foot or strap)

Pranayama (breathing practice):

Sama Vrtti Variation (Square Breathing)

Mantra Japa (chanting meditation):

Bija Mantras Meditation (Seed Syllables)

You can practice on your own at home, with friends, or perhaps you'll enjoy your chosen practice in class at the studio! When registering for the challenge, you will receive via email a PDF that gives instructions for all of the above, including a warm-up set of poses that will allow you to access your target pose with more comfort and confidence. As January 1 approaches you will also have access to videos guiding the above in our video library. The PDF you receive will also include a tally sheet, we recommend printing it out to hang on your refrigerator, it will serve as a reminder and allow you to check off each of the 40 days as you go!

We are super excited to embark on this practice together, please reach out if you have any questions!!!

Asana (poses)

Choose the Challenge pose that serves you best and enjoy practicing that pose every day from Jan 1 thru Feb 9!


nat 1.png

Level 1 Pose
(one hand to ankle, opposite arm skyward)

nat 2.png

Level 2 Pose
Natarajasana Variation
(both hands interlaced behind back on ankle)

nat 3.png

Level 3 Pose
Natarajasana Variation
(both arms overhead & hands to foot or strap)

We’ve included optional warm-up poses to help you prep for your challenge pose as well as a few poses that we suggest you practice after enjoying your challenge poses.

Level 1 Pose: practice prep poses 1-6 and cool down poses 10 & 11

Level 2 or 3 Pose: practice all suggested warm up and cool down poses 12 & 13, then 10 & 11

Please do use props and modify any or all poses in order to appropriately challenge your edge – remember, any and every compassionate and conscious effort in a particular direction counts! Contact Carolyn/Stephen with any questions or for modification suggestions.


Prep Poses:

table cow.png
table cat.png

1. Inhale "Cow"/
Exhale "Cat" Flow


4. Gomukhasana Variation

donkey kick.png

2. Table Variation


5. Hands Interlaced
Behind Back

tippy toes flow.png

3. Inh Lift Heels Fully/Exh Midway/Inh Lift Fully/Exh Flat

no hand nat.png

6. Natarajasana Prep Variation (hands to wall)

anjan w quad.png

7. Anjaneyasana Variation

hibb anjan.png

8. Anjaneyasana Variation

2 block tricep opener copy.png

9. Tricep Opener

Cool Downs:

supine twist.png

10. Supine Twist

happy baby.png

11. Happy Baby

standing twist.png

12. Tadasana Twist


13. Malasana

Pranayama (breathing practice)


Sama Vrtti (Square Breathing)

samavrtti w words.png

Establish a comfortable seated or reclined position, close or soften the eyes and smooth out the breath.

1.    Count how long your inhalation takes and match your exhalations to that same count.

2.    After several rounds, introduce a one count pause after both the inhale and the exhale.

3.    Every few breaths, increase the length of the pauses by one count until they also equal the length of your inhalations (or unless you feel you cannot comfortably continue to lengthen the pauses).

4.    Remain with all four parts of the breath (inhale/pause/exhale/pause) equal in length for approximately 5 minutes (can shorten or lengthen duration based on what feels good).

Important Notes/Helpful Tips:

•    If pregnant, in the presence of high/low blood pressure, heart disease or eye disorders, please enjoy equal inhales/exhales and omit the pauses. You may choose still to lengthen the inhales and exhales a comfortable amount.

•    Please return to a normal breath pattern if feeling dizzy or light-headed.

•    If you find it challenging to increase pauses to the length of the inhales, try beginning with inhales at a lower count.

Mantra Japa (chanting meditation)


Bija Mantra (Seed Syllables) Meditation

bija mantra cheat sheet copy.png

Establish a comfortable seat, close eyes or soften gaze downward and smooth out the breath.

1.    Draw awareness to the tailbone, home of Muladhara Chakra (root) – Chant “Lam” 5x, lingering with the 5th

2.    Draw awareness to the sacrum, home of Svadhisthana Chakra (sacral) – Chant “Vam” 5x, lingering with the 5th

3.    Draw awareness to the space above the navel, home of Manipura Chakra (solar plexus) – Chant “Ram” 5x, lingering with the 5th

4.    Draw awareness to the heart, home of Anahata Chakra (heart) – Chant “Yam” 5x, lingering with the 5th

5.    Draw awareness to the throat, home of Vishuddha Chakra (throat) – Chant “Ham” 5x, lingering with the 5th

6.    Draw awareness to the forehead, home of Ajna Chakra (third eye) – Chant “Om” 1x, linger with it

7.    Draw awareness to the top of the head, home of Sahasrara Chakra (crown) – Chant “Om” silently 1x, linger with it

Repeat 1-7 at 3x more. When finished remain seated, watching the natural flow of breath and observing your experience for several minutes more.

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