Frequently Asked Questions

Why Yoga?

Yoga nurtures health and well-being on every level – body, mind and spirit. Yoga postures develop a balance of flexibility and strength, while also cultivating body awareness. The typical components of a class; postures (asana), attention to breath (pranayama), concentration (dharana), meditation (dhyana) and relaxation help relieve stress and move one toward emotional balance, mental clarity and inner peace

What should I expect when I come for my first visit?

Expect a warm and welcoming environment filled with supportive and knowledgeable teachers. Please come 15 minutes early for your first visit so that you can fill out a new student registration form and we can show you around the studio. Shoes are removed in the hallway prior to entering the studio and can be left in the hall or carried into one of the cubbies found inside of the studio, where you can also store any additional belongings. There are coat racks located alongside the cubbies as well. Should you need to change, there are hooks for hanging clothing and full length mirrors in each of our three bathrooms. We look forward to meeting you!!

Do I have to sign up in advance for a class on your schedule?

Practitioners often enjoy signing up for class online in advance. While you are welcome to do so, it is certainly not required. 

What are my class payment options?

Pricing and options for individual, 5, 10 and 20 class packages are detailed on our Rates page and can be accessed by clicking here. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

What should I wear?

Bare feet and clothing that allows you to breathe and move comfortably will serve you best during your yoga practice. Depending on what type of class you are attending, keep in mind when choosing a top that you may be upside down at some point during the practice... so a shirt that is overly loose may wind up around your neck!

What should I bring?

Yourself, just as you are.... and a yoga mat. : ) Though we do have studio mats available for use if you'd like to borrow one. Some practitioners additionally enjoy bringing water and a towel.

Do you rent mats?

We have mats available for use without charge. If practicing regularly, most students will opt to purchase a mat of their own. We offer a wide variety of mats for purchase here at the studio, or you may do so elsewhere.

As a newcomer to yoga, what class should I start with?

Classes labelled as Restorative, Gentle or Beginners will be accessible and are a great place to start. Restorative classes are more passive, while a Beginners class will be a bit more active. For more details regarding what each class offers, please click here to visit our Class Descriptions page. Feel free as well to contact the studio via email at or by calling (973)838-9642, we are happy to guide you in the right direction!

What class would be best if I am pregnant?

After receiving confirmation from your doctor that you are cleared to practice yoga, Gentle, Beginner and Kripalu classes are well suited for expectant moms. Please arrive a few minutes early for class and inform the teacher that you are pregnant so that they can review the following general guidelines:

  • when twisting, do so gently and rotate away from a body part rather than toward a body part (maintaining space for baby)

  • after 3 months avoid laying fully on the belly

  • after 5 months, avoid laying flat on your back or on your right side, instead, please lay on an incline (prop a bolster up on a block) and/or lay on your left side

  • please avoid holding your breath

  • ENJOY!!!! A yoga practice will give you the opportunity to slow down and tune in to the wonder of this magical time!

When should I move on to a more advanced class?

When you are feeling grounded and comfortable with the elements in the classes you are taking presently, you may encounter the desire to explore other offerings. Please feel free to do so, knowing that our teachers will always encourage you to honor your own body’s wisdom. If you would like to discuss your options, we are happy to do so in person, you can contact the studio via email at or give us a call at (973)838-9642.

Yoga Etiquette?
How to best honor yourself and your fellow yogis/yoginis:

  • As your body will be happiest if it’s not expending energy digesting while practicing, consider enjoying a 2 hour food-free window prior to the start of class.

  • Arriving 5-10 minutes before the beginning of class enables you to ease into your practice peacefully. This also allows for time to speak to your teacher about any injuries or special health conditions; making your practice safer and more enjoyable.

  • If you arrive just as class is beginning, please enter and unroll your mat quietly (it is best not to enter if more than 10 minutes late). Likewise, if it is necessary to leave class early, please do so mindfully and prior to Savasana.

  • Please refrain from using cellphones, and turn off or set all electronics to silent.

  • As there may be a massage or class in session, please keep conversations quiet when arriving for or leaving after class.

  • While we all enjoy smelling lovely, and certainly appreciate the use of deodorant, please honor your fellow yogis/yoginis with a more sensitive palette by refraining from the use of strong smelling perfumes.

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