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Yoga empowers us with bodies that are strong and flexible, compassionate hearts, and peaceful minds - what a gift, to be given these tools as a child....

Whether they are pretending to be animals or enjoying a fantastical adventure, yoga will be a blast as kids participate and cooperate in creating the experience together! Class may include songs, stories and games as well as age-appropriate breath work geared toward focusing attention, learning to calm ourselves, and relaxation.

Kids Yoga (ages 5 ~ 8)

4:30pm - 5:30pm

Next 10 week series:
Jan. 10 thru Mar. 20
(no class Feb. 14)

with Michelle Brook

Cost: $140 for 10 wk. series
(10% discount for 2nd sibling)
$17/class drop-in (space permitting)
Pre-registration required

Yoga empowers us with bodies that are strong and flexible, compassionate hearts, and peaceful minds - what a gift, to be given these tools as a child.... 

Tween Yogis/Yoginis will enjoy a variety of poses presented traditionally and through stories, music and games. The connection between movement and breath as well as age-appropriate breathwork will be introduced as a means to empower students with the ability to focus and find calm. Whether practicing individually, with a partner, or as a group, our tweens will develop strength, flexibility, and a life-long love for yoga!!

***Moms and Dads - enjoy your own practice by taking the 4:30pm Core Alignment Mixed Levels class with Stephen while your son/daughter is in their class!

Tween Yoga (ages 9 ~ 12)

4:30pm - 5:45pm
Next 10 week series:
Jan. 8 thru Mar. 11

with Michelle Brook

Cost: $150 for 10 wk. series
(10% discount for 2nd sibling)
$18/class drop-in (space permitting)
Pre-registration required

Yoga empowers us with bodies that are strong and flexible, compassionate hearts, and peaceful minds - what a gift, to be given these tools as a child.... 

Teen Yogis/Yoginis will enjoy a bridge from children's yoga to a developing deeper yoga practice. Participants will be exposed to the alignment of more poses, experience the connection and power of breathwork, and discuss how yoga philosophy can help them navigate the beautiful, and at times challenging teen years.

***Moms and Dads - enjoy your own practice by taking the 4:30pm Restorative class with Laura while your son/daughter is in their class!

Teen Yoga (ages 12 ~ 16)

4:30pm - 5:45pm
Jan 12 thru Feb 23
(no classFeb 2 or 9)

with Jaclyn Becker

Cost: $75 for 5 wk. series
(10% discount for 2nd sibling)
$18/class drop-in (space permitting)
Pre-registration required

Marissa Perrotta, a retired fashion designer turned Degreed Nutritionist and fellow long-time yogi at Highland Yoga will be teaching a nutrition workshop focused on Intuitive Eating.

She always had a passion for food and how the body functions off of the quality of food we eat. When Marissa became pregnant with her first child, she decided it was time to switch from the grueling fashion career and nurture her body and mind by returning to school by pursuing a career in nutrition. Now she is owner of Plantable Palate providing nutrition services throughout the lifespan, her goal is to educate children through adults and help set a foundation for a healthier way of living.

Marissa’s philosophy with nutrition is the “no diet” mentality. She does not believe in carb restriction, calorie restriction, or any type of restriction. She does not believe in depriving our bodies of the essential nutrients it needs to flourish. Marissa practice’s mindful and intuitive eating.

“The dieting mentality negatively impacts our thoughts, making us never really happy with ourselves. Ketogenic, paleo, intermittent fasting, gluten free, carb-counting, point-counting, the list goes on. When you follow an eating plan for weight-loss and ignore the natural life-force within, it’s a diet. Binge-eating, stress-eating, skipping meals, these are all cues something is astray.

By being mindful and honoring your hunger, one can become reacquainted with their body and its biology and make peace with food. We honor ourselves on the mat during every practice and do our best to continue that mentality off the mat. I would like to teach how to “honor your hunger.”

Intuitive Eating - A Nutrition Workshop

Friday, January 17
7:00pm - 9:00pm

with Marissa Perrotta

Cost: $30 Pre-Registration by January 10/$40 Thereafter

Enjoy an exciting, action packed yoga adventure through enacting the tale of Frozen with story-telling, music and  yoga poses! We’ll live the adventure with our bodies and imaginations, recreating the tale together. Transform into Elsa in warrior 2 and Olaf in a posture resembling the “I like warm hugs” snowman, along with many more.

Frozen Family Yoga

Sunday, January 19 11:00am - 12:00pm

with Michelle Brook

Cost: $20 Drop-in or 1 Class from your current Highland Yoga Class Package

Reiki is a beautiful, self-empowering healing practice that can be harnessed and practiced by everyone. Reiki promotes deep relaxation, assists in the body's natural healing processes, and develops emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. 


In this training, you will learn the history of Reiki, be attuned to the Reiki energy, and learn hand positions for self-treatment and for treating others. During the training, you will practice hands-on with your classmates. You will also receive a comprehensive manual and ongoing support.


Please bring a lunch or snack, plenty of water to drink, and anything else you’ll need to care for yourself.


Pre-registration is required. Limited to 6 participants.


Angela Cays has been working towards transforming suffering and empowering others for decades as a high school math teacher and tutor; licensed professional counselor (LPC); and as a yoga instructor since the fall of 2006. She guides her students to reveal light and shadow, to become more fully embodied and aware of all layers of our being (koshas); to awaken intuition, life force energy (prana), and touch moments of deep peace as well as great expansion.   

Her continued education as a counselor and yoga instructor led her deeper into the subtle body through learning modules in her advanced yoga teacher training with Sheryl and Neil Edsall at Naturally Yoga in Glen Rock, NJ and trainings at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Lenox, MA on Psychotherapy and Spirituality, as well as Psychology of the Chakras, Mind Body Integration, and Creating on Purpose with Anodea Judith.  Having a spark of curiosity about Reiki when she first started taking yoga classes, it was about 20 years later, as a continuation of studying and working with the subtle body, she received her Level I, Level II and Reiki Master attunements from her beloved teacher, Sheryl Edsall, along with the radiant Eileen Alexander.  

Angela benefits deeply from practicing Reiki for self-care in addition to sharing this healing modality with others.  Through many years of studying and teaching yoga, and receiving the Reiki attunements, she continues to develop a more heightened awareness of subtle body energy. She feels honored to hold a sacred space for healing and growth through the universal energy of Reiki, as well as her group yoga classes, workshops and kirtans, private yoga, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping sessions.

Reiki Level 1 Training

Sunday, January 26
12:00pm - 6:30pm

with Angela Cays

Cost: $175

Breathwork Healing is a powerful meditation tool, utilizing a specific 2 part breathwork technique (taught by David Elliott), to facilitate a release of stuck energy, thought patterns and emotional baggage. With this guided breath meditation, memories, deep rooted belief systems (created or passed down), stress, trauma, loss, grief, fear, anxiety, and whatever else is hiding in the body, can find it’s way to the surface and into our awareness which begins the process of healing. Once we are freed up in the areas that have been blocked off or weighed down we can begin to experience deeper levels of joy and love, new-found creativity and healthy ways of self-love and self-expression.


Within a group dynamic this work takes on a powerful energy, creating a space of safety, unity, and the opportunity to grow in community. Through reaching into the higher levels of consciousness, releasing stuck energy and blocked emotions, you will leave feeling lighter and brighter.

A Note for Preparations...

Please bring the following items:
*Yoga Mat
*Eye cover (or washcloth to cover your eyes)
*2 Smooth Stones (about the size of your palms) - If you do not have any we have some extras!
*Your Sacred small item or anything that feels supportive for your practice (which could be photos, crystals, or other sacred objects that you can place around you within your practice space during the breathwork portion of the class).

Lastly, please try to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start time. This will allow you the time to get comfortable before we begin.

Breathwork Meditation

Friday, February 7
7:00pm - 9:00pm

with April Linson

Cost: $40

Love yin yoga and want to gain a deeper understanding of this transformative mind-body practice? Immerse yourself during this two-day intensive training.

You’ll explore the synergistic balance between yin and yang practices and principles, the anatomy of yin, the effects of tension and compression, and how yin impacts the energetic body.

We’ll dive deep on energy flow, yin meridians, and how the emotional body is impacted. You’ll get to examine how asana, meditation, and pranayama all make up the yin practice. We’ll play with sequencing, class theme building, and prop utilization, for those who want to teach or simply learn more about how yin yoga works.

Michele Sapanaro was apprehensive before her first yin yoga class, but it had such a profound effect on her that she had to know more about it. She immersed herself in the practice. Now, she's been teaching yin yoga for over six years and it's become a huge part of her life, personally and professionally.

Michele strongly believes that yin is essential for balancing and deepening yang practices like ashtanga and vinyasa. She teaches creative classes and workshops in the tri-state area, seamlessly fusing asana, pranayama and meditation for a full-body healing experience.

Yin Yoga Immersion

Saturday and Sunday,
February 8 and 9
11:30am - 6:30pm

with Michele Sapanaro

Cost: $385 Pre-Registration by January 25/$420 Thereafter

It is a gift, the joy of simply being in the presence of the one you love. Be present, together, as you enjoy a partner yoga practice that is as playful as it is sweet.

The afternoon will conclude with a deeply relaxing and restorative Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep). Similar in ways to a guided meditation, practitioners will nestle into a supported savasana and then find their awareness led through body, breath and various visualizations in a way that finds them "awakening" feeling nourished and renewed.


Suitable for those with some yoga experience or an active lifestyle & open heart. Please contact the studio if you have had a recent injury/surgery, so that we can determine if this workshop is right for you.

Space is limited, pre-registration required.

Valentine's Day Partner Flow & Yoga Nidra

Saturday, February 15
4:30pm - 6:00pm

with Carolyn and Stephen

Cost: $40/couple (when registering online, please do so under only one person's name)

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